Soothing the Savage


Music transports me. It makes me feel so many things, but it also moves me through my day in time. It moves me through my day in space as well; listening to music while I walk to work seems to propel me. Recently I heard a song that vividly brought back a time and place like scent or taste will do.

I hear this and in my mind I’m on a train in Europe watching the summer green flash past the window. I’ve got my Walkman cassette player in hand. Listen:

When I walk down the street with music I’m the star of my own movie. Am I the plucky young detective, tough as steel with a heart of gold? Or am I sauntering down the road unaware of the slimy creature right behind me? Perhaps I’m the alien visitor from another planet, the about-to-be-discovered heiress, or the caregiver for a dying parent. Music tells the story. Is it an adventure? A quirky Indie film? Romantic comedy?

You get the idea. So for fun today, I’m blogging some soundtracks. Pick your movie.

Cue soundtrack.



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