How to call your muse

Many of you may be like me: looking for something new, a challenge to spice up your days (or nights).

For those who consider watercolor painting, try this handy guide for non-artists:

1. If you have a background in art, drawing or painting, please disregard all further instructions. Stop reading and pick up a brush (or pen).

2. For those of you left reading, your first step is to look for classes in your neighborhood. Something for people over five years old. Adult even. Peruse all listings and disregard any introductory classes. Seek out an advanced class if possible.

3. Arrive at new class with absolutely no supplies and no experience.

4. Carefully watch the instructor’s demonstration.

5. Borrow needed supplies, and after being properly intimidated by your classmate’s calm competence, set up your own workspace.

6. Maintain an attitude of disbelief, but do try to avoid panic. It’s best to tap into your kindergarden years before reaching for the big fat brush you’ve borrowed.

7. Paint. Dip your brush into water and into color and smear it on your paper taped to the table.

8. Voila! You’re an artist. Congratulations!


This was my attempt at today’s writing challenge – a mix of satire and instructions. But seriously, I signed up for the “wrong” watercolor class, and in the first session we were assigned to paint an ocean scene. The painting above is my first watercolor since I was about 3.

I’m still in the class a year later.

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