Love Medicine

Love_Medicine_CoverI just read Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich. Published in 1984, it won the National Book Critics Circle Award that same year. It’s been around awhile, yet I only recently sat down with it.

In Love Medicine, Erdrich has woven together the stories of a few generations – each chapter a different point of view, a different time, yet it all easily comes together to form the fabric of family, friends, lovers & enemies all tied by love. She shows us love in all its textures and shapes, some less obvious, more subtle, but still love.

Or at least love as I understand it. I imagine a huge loom with each of us as the warp and love as the weft. Just as the warp strands create structured rows, we each have our lives to live, our separate threads with our own beginning and ending. It is love that weaves us together, connects us the way the weft winds between the warp and binds the separate threads into one whole fabric.

Enough rambling about love. Read Love Medicine. It’s a beautiful book that I cannot do justice to with this silly blog.

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