Seven Wonders

Khalil Gibran once said that people will never understand
one another unless language is reduced to seven words.
What would your seven words be?

What a crazy question. Thought provoking. A worthy challenge.

bubble-157923_640Here’s my answer:

1. hungry: the need for food, affection, or resources, having less than others, imbalance, disharmony, lack, absence

2. true: reality, empathy, understanding, veracity, harmony, balanced, direct, on target, in progress

3. grace: gratitude, joy, appreciation, support, thanks, ability, agility, social aptitude, peace, love, spiritual feeling, acceptance

4. whatchamacallit: general word for all nouns

5. not: prefix for all other six words to indicate the opposite, negative, zero, emptiness

6. self: qualifier for all six other words, state of being separate, me, person, soul, mind, consciousness

7. give: share, help, togetherness, slack, ease, room

True? Hungry? Give self whatchamacallit!

Inspiration via WordPress dailypost


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