What Am I Doing Here?

Day 1 of Blogging 101: Why blog?

I started blogging recently. I wanted a format to explore my world, to reconnect with myself as well as discover who I’ve become. I spent the last 21 years raising a person. As a single parent I found it best to focus all my creative energy on the child, crafting a relationship that could grow a tiny person into a fine adult. Parenting 24/7 didn’t leave a lot of time and energy available for other creative endeavors. Art takes time and freedom of mind that I rarely had.


Now that these energies are freed up, I have no interest in taking up where I left off. I’m trying new things, new methods and new materials. I started painting for the first time last year and found I love it. And I’m not terrible at it.


When seeking a way to explore writing, blogging seemed a good fit. The pressure of setting up something immediately public forces me to try harder. My personal goal of writing something and posting it at least five days a week gives me a deadline. I like that I can craft the look of each piece with the flexible formatting. When at a loss for words I can post a photo, which has led to a renewed interest in photography. At a time when I feel the loneliness of an empty nest, blogging offers a way to reach out to others, develop a sense of community and make new friends.


I’m interested in honing my writing skills and exploring the world around me, both in my own neighborhood and outside my state and my country. I find peace of mind in nature, enjoy philosophical explorations, have a rich fantasy life, and love finding the oddities around me. I plan to blog a mix of quick quips and longer pieces. There may be some fiction, nonfiction, photography, opinions and philosophical ruminations liberally sprinkled with awkward images. And if I’m diligent and lucky, I may produce a gem or two.


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