Learning new things

reading woman

Challenges arrive from all corners. Blogging 101 assigned me to learn a thing or two about the WordPress Reader as well as explore other blogs and follow five new ones. The Daily Post has an assignment to learn the craft of the Roundup – a summary of what I got a kick out of recently.

Here’s my attempt at doing both at once.

The first blog on my list is a lovely mix of photography, philosophy and spirituality, three things close to my heart. I look forward to seeing his posts: Eddie Two Hawks

Next is Erasmus Lisboa. In her blog Naomi writes about her experience living as a foreign student in Lisboa. Since I’m traveling there next year, I thought she’d cue me in to some great insider spots. And she already has.

Along those same lines is Sandcastles in Portugal. This blog allows me to play out the fantasy of “What if I stayed?” re my future travel.

The Flavored Word is a really fun read. A blog about writing full of humor and quality written bits. I immediately felt I could relate to this woman and I know I will enjoy her posts!

Finally, I’m listing Humans of New York. I cannot say enough in support of Brandon’s blog. He is an inspiration. I am shocked whenever I find out someone is unaware of his blog.

What are you reading?

image: Sophia Kramskaya Reading by Ivan Kramskoi c1863


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