You and I

From The Daily Post: Of the people who are close to you, who is the person most unlike you? What makes it possible for you to get along?


I live in a bubble of a town within an isolated county surrounded by friends who reflect my values back to me. Initially I can think of no one close to me that is most unlike me.

And then.

I realize.

No one is like me.

Like an optical illusion, the first view shifts as I stare at the topic. We are all incredibly alike. So very human with our families and our desires, our faiths and our dreams. The larger differences emerge into view first: religious flavor, political philosophy, family planning.

Subtler differences float up: you like horror movies? Stinky cheese? And if I lean in close you whisper titillating sexual preferences.

See how easily we become so different! We don’t agree on anything!

And yet, when I follow our patterns of likes and dislikes, the categories blur. The Republican hunter has progressive environmental tendencies. The liberal hipster opposes abortion. All the blacks and whites that seemed so clear ooze into shades of grey.

We are all unique. We are all the same. Our separation is an illusion.

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