What if


“Is this it?” I ask.

“Yes,” he says.

I look again at the tiny golden key in the palm of my hand.

“It, uh, seems a bit small.”

“Don’t be deceived by appearances,” he replies.

I don’t know what I expected. Perhaps a massive skeleton key, suitable for a medieval dungeon. Maybe something many-toothed and modern capable of opening a complex mechanism. Even a shimmering crystalline shape that would fit precisely on a flashing console with a satisfying chime-like click.

Instead, the gold key in my hand was tiny. It seemed too thin and had almost no teeth. It looked a lot like one of those little keys that came with a child’s diary.

I look back up at the man beside me. He seems more believable than the key. Tall and solid, athletic build, well-dressed, manicured, gorgeous hair with two tasteful, yet sharp horns. He’s exactly what I thought a successful demon should be. He winks one of his golden, slit-pupiled eyes at me.

“This key will fit into any door, changing it into a portal to the universe next-door. Pass through it and you will find yourself in your other life. There you made a different choice for each decision you made here.”

He seems to be smirking at me. Is he mocking me?

I brush these thoughts aside, turn to my front door and slip the key in the lock. I grasp the knob, turn it, and open the door.

“Easy-peasy,” I say to the demon over my shoulder.

The sun shines on the porch and I step into its glare.

~This bit of fluff is in response to The Daily Post, Golden Key – to read more responses click here.


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