Really big birds


It’s a week before Thanksgiving and I pass a flock of turkeys loitering in someone’s yard.

I think, “Aren’t you a bit nervous, Turkey? You all are lookin pretty tasty.”

Then alpha turkey chases me for two blocks, and I get a bit freaked out.

Touché, Turkey. Touché


2 thoughts on “Really big birds

  1. One of my nightmares! My family used to have fancy pet geese; they loved my mother, would even sit on her lap and “cuddle” with her, but they chased me any chance they got. I still love birds, but only from afar, lol!


  2. The creepy thing is, I didn’t realize the turkey was chasing me until I saw a guy passing in a car, staring. I thought, “Huh, I don’t know him. Why’s he looking at me like that?”
    Then I turn around and see this turkey and his flock pursuing me. He’s giving me the stink-eye and I quickly wonder about turkey attacks – do they happen?
    Lucky for me he gave up the chase!


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