In the Bathroom


Dodging waiters and dining chairs, I made a dash for the ladies room. Hurriedly I locked the door behind me, then turned to grip the toilet as I lost my breakfast into the bowl.

I flushed, gagged, then flushed again. As I washed my mouth and shaking hands at the sink, nausea faded into the background. I knew then I didn’t need to use the pregnancy kit tucked into my purse.

I raised my eyes to gaze in the bathroom mirror. I looked back at myself, pale and thin.

“You can do this” said the girl in the mirror.

November 19 Prompt: Toilet (Write a story that includes a toilet. In honor of World Toilet Day)
Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch


3 thoughts on “In the Bathroom

  1. Welcome to Carrot Ranch! Excellent response to the toilet prompt. Your character realized in 99 words what she didn’t need a kit to tell her. It’s sets up a good scene. Thanks for writing the range with us!


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