Gut Feeling

In response to today’s Daily Post

Sometimes you just know things, right? Even though you want to do the emotional equivalent of turning in bed and pulling the covers over your head, you have to deal with what your gut has been telling you.

Was it just this week? Or has it been longer that I knew?

This morning, sitting in a darkened room with my good friend and veterinarian, looking at x-rays, I forced my heart to pull back the covers and admit what my gut has been saying: it’s cancer.

My best friend of over thirteen years, my heart-dog, will be leaving me by Christmas.



4 thoughts on “Gut Feeling

  1. I feel your sorrow for just a tiny second, then I turn it off. I wish you all the strength and wisdom when the time comes. Try to remember that your dog feels every emotional state you are in – so if you can somehow feel joy until the end… ❤ Keep us posted on how the two of you are doing.


    1. Thank you – you are so kind! I will do my best to make our last days good ones. When I feel sad I remind myself that she’s right here and focus on the present. We’ve had such a great time together – I will keep those times in my heart ❤

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  2. Geneva

    Just found your blog, Paula. And just read this post. I’m so sorry to hear about your Setta. She is such a sweet personality. Stay strong and know that we all love you both.


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