Gimme Shelter

In response to today’s Daily Post: Feeling Fancy – one day of unlimited funds for any and all luxuries I can’t normally afford.

tiny house

Perhaps you wouldn’t think of it as a luxury item, but I would focus on shelter.

I think of the time my friends and family, and people I don’t know, spend working to earn money to secure shelter. This time is finite and precious and if you’re lucky what you’re doing to earn the money feeds your soul. But I think that’s rare.

I like my job. I’m lucky that way. But if I didn’t need the money, I wouldn’t be doing it. Housing takes up so much of my income, if I didn’t have to pay that I would be free to work less hours at my job. That free time could be spent with friends, family and loved ones. I’d paint, write and enjoy the natural world. Listen to the birds. Walk on the beach. Slow down and really live.

So on my day of unlimited funds, I would pay off my mortgage. I’d pay off my friends’ mortgages. I’d buy a house for my daughter and my brother. I’d pay off the mortgages of all my neighbors, close off the street and hire a band. We could all dance and eat and get to know each other.

With unlimited funds for one day I could buy shelter for everyone, everywhere (unlimited, right?). In one day we could wipe out homelessness.

Sure, there’s lots of issues in the world, and they’re complicated. I don’t mean to be simple minded and think any one thing will solve our problems. But shelter for all would be a start. Maybe with all that free time we create we’d be able to address the rest.


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