Angels and Aliens

angel and balaam

Angels kind of freak me out. I went to church last Easter and listened to the preacher quote from the bible about the angel that came down and let folks know that Jesus had risen from the grave.

The description gave me chills. My mind was blown. It sounded so much like an alien encounter I was riveted.

No wonder people feared when an angel appeared before them. Flaming swords! Descending in lighting and thunder! “Fear not!” they say. Why do they say this? Because they’re freakin terrifying beings! They have the power to slay hundreds of thousands of people at a time. They have superhuman strength. Flaming sword? Sounds like a light saber, eh? Teleportation? Holographic projections? It’s all there.


I can’t be the only one who reads it this way, right? I’m hope I’m not offending readers – that’s not my intention here. I am fascinated by this perception of angels. Of the whole shebang. What was going on?

It seems like an anthropological investigation gone awry. No Captain Stubing to keep his crew in line. They were definitely messing with the natives. Involved in politics and conflicts. Genetics. Deification. Definitely breaking the rules, here. Sounds like there was a major schism among them as well, what with the Lucifer thing and his supporters. Wonder what that was really about?

probably about 1475-6

Yep, I have these thoughts and they’d probably get me burned at the stake.

Luckily my ten minutes are up.

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