Solstice has come and gone. A milky sun declares its intention: I will return.

I will also declare an intention: I realize that although I don’t have the resources to travel as much as I’d like, I can write a travel blog where I am. You are the traveler. Welcome to my land.

Each weekend I will take you on a little adventure. I want to show you what I see. I won’t go into a lot of detail, nor expound on history. I just want to share a little slice of my place in the world through pictures and tidbits.

So imagine you’ve arrived, you’ve settled into the little guest room and now we’re ready to stretch our legs. We’ll take a nearby hike.


The trail meanders through fir, fern and oak. It’s wet, even muddy in places. The air is fresh and cool, and we’re glad of our coats and hats. Very small birds twitter in nearby bushes.


Do you see the little face? That little mushroom is looking at you!


This north hillside is lush with ferns and deep piles of leaves. The winter sun lights our way, but there is little warmth in its rays. It’s quiet; your footsteps on the trail seem loud.

Soon the sun fades. The days are still very short. But home is warm and full of light, and tomorrow is another day.

Thank you for coming along!


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