Short-lived Resolutions


I am sinking into the couch as I write this. Whatever virus thought my body might make a fine new home is discovering my fierce immune system.

That’s a great thing.

But it does make it harder to live up to my own baby-blogger expectations. Not that I blog about babies. Maybe I should? I think a fever is kicking in.

Anyway, I took Blogging 101. It’s a great way to start figuring out what this whole blogging thing is about. And I got this idea of setting goals for myself – I’m gonna post EVERY DAY!! YES!!….And then I think, “Hey, set up a calendar, a schedule for this blog thing, so I’ll always know what I’m gonna post.” Hahahaha.

OK. So now I’m melting into the couch, and when I should be focused on fighting this virus, what am I doing? Fighting guilt. Fighting the urge to post, and losing (apparently).

It’s all part of the New Year celebration – setting up resolutions and goals and whatnot so that I can schedule my fun right out of existence.

So I’m writing this silly little post to say “Hello,” “Ack! I think I’m getting sick!”, and “I love that you read my blog – Thank you!!”

Oh yeah….and “I’m gonna take a few days away from the computer.”

I must not peek at the stats

I must not peek at the stats

I must not peek at the stats!

Just go lay down!

Image: “Poor Thea” by HunterxColleen


7 thoughts on “Short-lived Resolutions

  1. You’re still funny when you’re sick. But, yes, go rest and after a good two-hour nap reward yourself for turning off and taking care of yourself. Then you can reward yourself with a peek-a-boo at your stats! stats! stats! I wouldn’t worry too much about checking everyone else’s blogs out. You’re sick. First things first, get yourself better… you can always do your reciprocity when you’ve got more energy and more time (because it still counts!)

    ☀ Memee


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