I Got (other) Skills


A while back a friend bought a second-hand infrared sauna. It took awhile to figure out a place for it and to get it set up. When it was all ready, and she was happily settling in for a good sweat, she discovered that it was somehow broken. It wouldn’t get hot enough to be a sauna. It remained a lovely, tiny, wooden room that was somewhat warmish.

Time passed. When I spoke with her last night she declared she was stepping into her sauna.

“It’s fixed?” I asked.

“Yes!” she joyfully replied.

“How did that happen?” I asked, expecting to hear a drawn out story of repairmen, website manuals, and fussy replacement parts.

She replied that her husband had fixed it.

“What? How?”

“You know, he just fiddled with it. I don’t really know – he just did his thing.”

How cool is that?

I’m the kind of person who lives mostly in her own mind. I like to read, write, paint little pictures, analyze and philosophize. But when it comes to many physical things, I’m often at a loss. Construction projects are beautiful mysteries to me. I’m sure there’s a word for the aptitude for crafting and repairing physical things. Whatever it is, I don’t have it. Somehow my vivid imagination doesn’t cross over into the hands-on world.

As a result, my modest little house is coming apart around me. I can’t keep up with it, nor can I afford a handyman to do all the things that need doing. So I’m going to sell it and figure out something else for a living situation.

Sure, I could go a different route. I could dedicate my free time to learning new skills. It would probably be a healthy, empowering thing to do. But when I consider the limited amount of time I have, and the many things I’d rather do with it, well, I choose to sell the house.

But in response to today’s Daily Post prompt: “I Got Skills,” that ability to fiddle, fix and craft physical objects, machines, engines and devices comes immediately to mind.


2 thoughts on “I Got (other) Skills

  1. I actually those fix n’ fiddle skills altho I have no idea how I came by them. I think being a single mom for many years and not having the extra money to buy new very often was what did it. – Stopping by from ‘The Daily Post.’ – C’mon over and check out my possibly offensive post. 😉


  2. Robyn

    Yeah. I don’t have “it” either, in fact, no one in our house does-ahem. Construction projects are a mystery, even after watching hours of HGTV. Those bastards make it look so easy!!!

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