Today’s Daily Post prompt: Image Search

The assignment is to pick a word at random, do a google image search on the word and pick the eleventh image to write about.


I am at a point in my life full of change. Things are coming to an end – my daughter is grown and moved out this year, my beloved dog is aging and dying, my body is changing. I have wildly danced the role of Maiden and embraced the grounded role of Mother. And now the Crone is calling.

Her voice speaks of death, dying and endings. It also hints at freedom, new beginnings and exploration. I pray for grace to go with this flow of changes, to ride the waves. I feel the urge to lighten my load of things and prepare for movement into the unknown.

So many doors are closing.

I need to believe in other doors opening.


5 thoughts on “Doors

  1. Hi Paula,
    Thanks so much for sharing this awesome pic and your inspiring post. When we lose something that is dear to us, we take a long time staring at this door although it is closed. We think that it may open again one day, instead of looking around for another door opening and starting a new adventure or finding a new beginning for a new life. Anyway, it is the human nature!


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