My Staples

The Daily Post prompt today looked like fun, so I bit: Five a Day – “You’ve been exiled to a private island and your captors will only provide you with five foods. What do you pick?

belize lighthouse

Since we’re going with a hypothetical situation to start with, I’m taking nutrition right off the table. In this fantasy, the five foods I pick will magically keep me from becoming horribly ill. The main consideration for me was: will I still want to eat this after a week?

1. Coffee. Yes, coffee is a food. On my island it is. Magic coffee.

2. Chocolate chip cookies. Need I say more?

3. Pad ke mao. Must have noodles, so I went with my favorite noodle dish. And “dish” equals “food” in my fantasy.

4. Apples. I need a fruit of some kind, and apples win. But of course we’re talking multiple varieties of apples!

5. Salad. Crunchy, fresh and full of stuff, again a dish rather than a single morsel, but salad’s gotta be there.

After a few weeks of this diet I will definitely start fishing. And are there coconut trees? Do I have a machete? Of course I do!

You can visit me on my island if you bring steak. Steak and red wine, please.


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