Sisterhood of the Bunny Rings

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The reward theme evokes so many different possibilities, but when I came across this photo from last year I knew this would be the one.

Last April I made arrangements to fly down to see my family. I would be staying with my brother and his fiancee and we’d travel to the neighboring state to see our parents.

Although I had met his sweetheart before, this would be the first real visit. I was planning to spend a full week with them. When sharing my travel plans, I often got this response from people: “What? You’re spending a week with family and you don’t really know her?”

“Yeah,” I’d say. “I’ll get to know her while I’m there.”

As it turns out, a week was too short. I adore my sister-to-be. She’s easy to talk to, understanding, loving and fun.

It was Easter by the time we got to my parents’ town, and when stopping for supplies she and I were determined to get the cupcakes with the bunny rings, marked down after the holiday rush had passed. We bonded over the silliness and excitement of it all and forged the Sisterhood of the Bunny Rings right there.

Just as these toys were the “reward” in the holiday treats, she’s been some kinda reward for me and my family.


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