One Day, Two Days, Good Days, Bad Days

Today’s Daily Post prompt: If you could have any author – living or dead – write your biography, who would you choose?


One of the things I love about biographies is how they make someone’s life all tidy and full of meaning. You get to work with the whole thing, look for the themes and tie it all up neatly.

This is quite different from actually living the life, with its messy confusion, dead ends and blind turns.

This difference was not clear to me in my youth. I would read a biography and despair that my life would ever live up to its potential. But now I feel much more copacetic, trusting that my biographer, should I ever have one, will take those flailing attempts at cohesion and weave them into a story that has a beginning, a middle, and an end as if I meant to do that all along.

computer girl

Either way, however, whether I have a biographer or not, my life will have a beginning a middle and certainly an end. It may not make sense. It may not have meaning without a cryptographer.

Perhaps that’s a better word for “biographer” eh?

But I digress. When I consider my life so far, perhaps Dr. Seuss would be the best candidate for my biographer.

To see other biographer choices, click here.


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