Rambling Anticipation

Timed stream of consciousness writing and go!

I sit here at my desk and every fiber of my being is vibrating. In a few days I’ll get on a plane, and another plane, and yes, another plane and arrive in Lisbōa (if I don’t miss any of those planes).


I’m reading The Great Fire; it’s set in the late 40’s post-WW2. The characters in it are either traveling about or discussing previous travels (among other things) and it strikes me how easily we can travel now. One character is traveling from Japan to England, flying, and I think it’ll take him a week of connecting flights. And that’s after the advent of commercial flights. Many folks were still taking slow ships then. Makes the 24-hour shlep I’m getting look like light-speed.

Anyway, I bought this multi-leg plane ticket six months ago and frankly the whole trip began to feel like a fantasy. Now it’s starting to feel like a reality. And that’s either utterly terrifying or very exciting.

I think it’s both.

In the midst of this kick-ass thing I’m so looking forward to doing, I find the energy to feel envious of folks who’re taking the WordPress Writing 101 course. Are you kidding me? I purposely didn’t sign up for it because I would be spending a good chunk of it abroad, and hopefully my blog would already be chock-full of posts without the pressure of assignments.

But still.

Life is good. I’m vibrating. I think I’ve forgotten every word of Portuguese I tried to learn.

I can’t wait!


3 thoughts on “Rambling Anticipation

  1. Hi Paula, I had read about your trip on another post, actually when I was visiting Portugal, ,and only now realized it is about to happen.
    I speak Portuguese. Shall we practice a bit here??;-)
    So interesting to hear about ways people travelled in the past. This book might be great.
    And don’t worry about the course. You can check the prompts via our blogs, and use done when you feel like. Alternatively you can use the ebook later.
    Have an adventurous and fun trip. Oh yes,, no doubts.

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