I’ve just arrived in Sintra. I’m sitting at a little desk right under a wide open window. I watch a truck negotiate the hairpin curve at the end of the street. Birds sing. The breeze that rustles the trees around sometimes reaches me.

a room with a view
a room with a view

It’s all ridiculously pleasant.

I’m blissed out and just want to continue to sit here, looking out the window and watchong the tourists up on the patio up at the National Palace, but I’m getting hungry, so I’d better get this written and get going.

So far I’ve learned a few things on this trip:

1. Solo travel is awesome. All the fear I felt before I left is totally gone.

2. Pack as little as possible, then take everything out and leave it at home. Except the passport and the money. Despite trying my best to pack right, I have waaaaay too much stuff and my bag is heavy and fat and ridiculous. I plan to dump most of its contents before I leave the hostel.

3. Learning how to ask questions in a foreign language (Quanto costa? Onde fica o banheiro?) is useless if you do not have enough of a grasp of the language to understand the answer. The only correct question is “Fala inglês?”


8 thoughts on “Que?

  1. It is so exciting, Paula. I understand the problem of hearing the answer. Went through that in Mexico and even in my Spanish classes in the states. Still don’t understand others, but I have a fair grasp on speaking it. Can’t wait to read more of your blogs. Sign language helps too. Just gestures, I mean.

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  2. Renee

    So glad to read that you’re blissed out! The pictures are fantastic. I think I felt a little of the breeze there with you…. Sooo, do you think perhaps you might want to give the books on tablet a try? Unlimited reading at your fingertips… and lighter than one regular book. 🙂

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