Of Doors and Doorknobs

Since my suitcase already has too much in it, I started collecting doors. Photos of doors, of course. And the doorknobs. Doors and doorknobs of Sintra.

Here’s a few of my favorites so far:

It has been delicious to spend so much time here. The start of travel is so exciting – heading to an unknown place and rushing for the airport and the connecting flights. Then there’s the long process of getting there itself. The body gets tired, worn out from excitement and lack of sleep. On arrival I’m filled with new sights, sounds, and smells. Everything is different: the language, the culture, how to get from point A to point B takes extra effort on top of all the fatigue. Confusion sets in like white noise in the brain. Simple things take focus and effort as well as a kind of flowing movement – going with the stream of other travelers to find what you need: the luggage carousel, taxis, the metro.

It all puts me into a wonderful state of being in the moment.

As days go by, the alien becomes familiar. I discover what I like (queijadas) and what I don’t like (heavy suitcases). I learn my way around town, lose some shyness with the language, and get to know my local grocer a bit. I begin to feel like Sintra is now a part of me. In my wanderlust it seems that this is what I crave, for every corner of the world. To spend just enough days to feel that deep feeling of home in a new and once unknown place.

What a life it would be to have the means to stay long enough to study the language and gain some fluency in every country!

In the meantime, I’ll head out and enjoy my last full day in Sintra. I think I hear a queijada calling my name.


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