Art the Walls of Lisbōa

Today I explored Lisbon’s street art scene. I could write all kinds of things about this, but really it’s a visual experience. I’m including only my top favorites – there’s so much art I cannot see it all in this short visit, nor can I capture it well with my iphone. Nevertheless, here it is.

Gonçalo MAR
Gonçalo MAR

This is part of an underground tunnel that was renovated by murals and art, transforming it from a dark and creepy place to a vibrant, less dark, and less creepy place. There’s a lot of great art and artists featured, but Gonçalo Mar is my favorite there. If you would like to learn more about him and his other work, click here.

Another favorite of mine today was the work of Vhils – Alexandre Farto. The pieces I saw were painted then carved out of the walls. I thought they were fantastic.

vhlis & pixelpancho
vhlis & pixelpancho

His work is worldwide. You can learn more by clicking here.

The photo above is a piece that Vhils did in collaboration with Pixel Pancho. I love the robot-ish stuff that Pixel Pancho does.

Pixel Pancho
Pixel Pancho

This is the other side of this building and is Pixel Pancho’s work. For more on Pixel Pancho click here.

Add Fuel
Add Fuel

Another big favorite of mine is Diogo Machado – Add Fuel. I love how he paints azulejos into his art. Within these painted tiles are symbols and details unlike actual azulejos. For instance, the piece he did on the wall of the mental hospital has pills as part of the design. Click here for more info.


Smile’s work is dramatic. This is just one example. Love it.


Bordalo II uses paint as well as trash and discarded stuff to make incredible pieces. This piece is at the LX factory in the Alcântara district.

Here are a few other random examples of my favorites:




I’m wiped out from touring Lisbon all morning and wandering the Alfama and Baixa districts on foot all afternoon. There’s so much more art than I can post, and I learned so much more from Ze, my guide this morning who works with Destination Tours. I’m inspired by the art and I hope your interest has been piqued. Bōa noite!


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