Revamp 1

Content is King, yes, but sometimes it’s nice to redecorate the castle, eh?

Welcome to my redesign. (Feedback is encouraged and welcome!)

It’s been a solid six months since I started this blog, and I’ve had a great time learning and exploring this new world. I am delighted at the connections I’ve made and will make with people all over the world. I am grateful for every “like,” every “follow,” and every new friend! My previous design felt cozy and warm – well suited to the season it was created. With the return of the sun and the joy in my heart, I am ready to fling wide the windows and expand the conversation.

I still am unsure what this blog is, or will become, but I am committed to further, wider explorations of my world and to sharing my quirky vision with you.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for sharing your world with me as well.


9 thoughts on “Revamp 1

      1. this is so weird, Paula. I just checked this morning. I view through email on my computer. I can see the heading “Revamp” and I can see ‘Lois says’ and ‘Paula says.’ But what is everyone saying? Don’t know. that is all blank. You unrevamped blog came in just fine.


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