Lisbõa Street Art 3.0

To me there’s a big distinction between street art and graffiti. I think of graffiti as tagging, claiming territory, and not an art. Here we go….what is “art” anyway?

We could talk all day and all night and we’d still not be able to nail it down. I consider my definition as something very personal, very subjective, and entirely my own. It’s all about how it makes me feel: when my heart expands and I feel my soul peering out from my own eyes when I look at something someone created, that’s art.

On my recent trip to Portugal I was struck by street art right at the beginning, and it was a bit of a theme for me (along with doors and birds). Here’s a few I saw:

These are surrounding a mental hospital in Lisbon. The project is called “Faces in the Blue Wall” as part of the Lisbon city Gallery of Urban Art.


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