Wine Time

In passing the Little Free Library I noticed a new sign:


I thought I’d take the sign as a sign to focus on wine this month – wine and travel in the Northwest. The focus is on Oregon and natural beauty. I’m seeking out good wine, good ambiance and a fantastic view. There are so many wineries to choose from, and many I won’t mention (if only I had the time!). But for the next few weeks you may discover a reason to skip Napa and head further north. This week the focus is on wineries within a short drive from Veneta, Oregon.

The Noble Estate winery is hard to get to. There are helpful signs far away from the vineyard, but as you get closer it’s very easy to pass right by, turn around and miss it again! But once you find it, the views are fantastic. Facing west, their patio is well shaded by a variety of umbrellas, a large gazebo and tall trees.


All the wines I tasted, two whites and four reds, were super. It really was the best vineyard on the route when it comes to wine. Not a bad one in the lot.


The staff are friendly and helpful too..


Great picnic spot.

For more info on Noble, click here.


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