From grape to grapefruit and back again

The drive through the countryside to reach Sarver Winery is a joy in itself full of winding roads, forests and fields, and hidden valleys. And cows.


This vineyard has great signs, so it’s easy to find. The winery sits on top of a hill facing east. The views are wide and deep with the Three Sisters peaks in the distance and Spencer’s Butte closer in.


The patio is quite sunny, and has little shade for most of the afternoon, but plenty of seating.


This vintner seems to have a love affair with grapefruit. Often wine will have hints of blackberry, cherry or other fruit, but this wine is the first I’ve tried that has hints of grapefruit. Really, more than hints. It’s great if you like grapefruit. The whites through the rosé and even into the syrah are grapefuity. But the petite sirah has none of it and is rich and lovely. I recommend bringing a picnic and just order a glass of the petite sirah. Unless you like grapefruit.

For more info on Sarver Wines click here


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