Getting Winey

Heading west from Abacela, you can find Girardet Vineyards nestled on a south facing hillside. It’s a small vineyard in a humble setting, lacking all the flash and grand views of the other vineyards.


I refuse to judge a wine by it’s setting in that way, and happily stepped in to taste. However, I was just as un-thrilled with the wine as I was with the setting.  But this little picnic spot seemed nice enough. Like the wines. Kind of okay.


Heading back the way we came, we ended up on a wild goose chase for both another vineyard (closed) and farm fresh eggs….After following at least six signs advertising eggs, we were met by an odd man who said he’d just moved there and had no eggs! Actually, he said he had no “frigidair”. He did reassure us that his neighbor had a “frigidair”. I’m unsure as to whether he actually had eggs and misunderstood the question, or even if his neighbor had eggs, but given the strange vibes we thought it best to be on our way. We thought we’d try another vineyard – this one close to the highway. But it was so run down and creepy I couldn’t imagine good wine coming out of it.

It was definitely time to head north…

If you’d like to know more about Girardet, click here.


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