The Nightmare of Boredom

I’m uninspired.


Sometimes there’s no words. Sometimes I cannot see anything fresh about my world.

Some days are just like that – nothing fresh. Or perhaps it’s a fresh feeling of dullness. That’s it. My fresh look at the dullness of routine life.

On my kombucha bottle in front of me are the “Words of Enlightenment: Live each day freely and lightly as our souls are meant to.” Today doesn’t feel light or free. Is that why my soul is squirming?

What causes depression? There’s a chemical component I know, but there’s another kind of depression that seems to be purely mental, situational. A form of long-term frustration and dullness. Is the cause stifling oneself? Is depression what comes of pulling back from our own impetus towards something and thwarting our own aspirations?

For a while after my recent travels I felt a vast sense of possibility. Then I felt this sense fading, the open field of possibility narrowing back into a tunnel. What is true? Was the sense of possibility false? Is the tunnel false? Are both neither true nor false, but just constructs of my imagination?

What a funk.

In response to today’s Daily Post prompt: Nightmare ~ for more responses click here


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