Pointless Ice Cream?

In the midst of travel withdrawals I decided to walk three miles for an ice cream cone. It’s the kind of thing I would do on the road, so why not?

I thought I would have a lovely, leisurely, people-watching time slurping ice cream on a busy street corner. Snap a few pics, maybe an ice cream selfie, show myself and the world I know how to have a good time even when I’m home.

After a pleasant three miles I arrived at the ice cream parlor. I was delighted that the line was short. I ordered a chocolate brownie scoop in a pointy sugar cone. I took it outside and sat near a quirky man with a blue pet bird named “Mango” but then the whole plan fell apart. On this hot, muggy day the ice cream in my pointy cone quickly began melting. As fast as I licked and molded it back into scoop-shape, it melted quicker. Far from the calm I had anticipated, I was spastically trying to keep up, chocolate brownie dripping down my hand.

And there’s no way to set down a pointy cone. Napkins in one hand and drippy goodness in the other, I was incapable of snapping a pic of interesting-man-feeding-pet-bird. Nor was I able to capture his fantastic ebike when he & his bird rode away. As I juggled my treat I looked around at the other, wiser, ice cream fans. The man with the pointy cone upside down in his bowl of ice cream is now my guru. Lesson learned.

On the way home I took a shortcut through the cemetery and finally satisfied my photo documenting desires. The day was still hot and muggy. The golden hues come not from any editing of the photos, but from the intensity of the pollen in the air. I think we’re, like, the capital of pollen.


The cemetery is wonderfully overgrown and doing its part in pollen propagation.


I don’t know if the feeling of not walking alone within its borders was my imagination.


I will definitely do this again…I like to pretend that the six miles somehow makes the ice cream a healthy choice.


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