Turning Point?


Today’s Daily Prompt asks which season do I most look forward to and which is my least favorite. I like all the seasons, generally, but I’ll tell you my least favorite…the one I’m in right now: my season of discontent!

Wallowing in blogger’s block for days (too many), fighting a summer cold (why it’s even possible to catch a cold in summer is just stupid), I crave inspiration.

This too shall pass, and perhaps quickly, because tomorrow I get to fly somewhere. That always gets me going…and I’ll take you along.

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4 thoughts on “Turning Point?

  1. I used to hate summer for a long time, because it meant no school and I’d rather have been at school than at home. Last year though, I fell in love with taking walks outside and exploring the city. I agree though, summer colds are a ridiculous concept. Hope it and the writers block get better soon!


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  2. I cannot STAND writer’s block 😦 . I always feel like I have so much to say and the words just do not come out right, or don’t come at all! I hope you get over yours soon!! 🙂 And I agree, summer colds never made much sense to me either. Lol

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