L.A. Street Geek

I’m visiting family outside of Los Angeles. So of course I coerce my brother’s fiancé to head downtown with me and seek out the street art scene. For the record, it wasn’t hard to persuade her.


We took the train. I cannot tell you how cool it is to be saying that in the same post as a trip to LA. On a hot summer day we bypassed all the mid-week non-stop traffic on the tangle of freeways and rolled into Union Station right downtown.


First stop, Chinatown. And Vhils. There are two pieces he did there – both on N Spring St. The first is easy to find as you walk away from Union Station.


The second took a lot more searching. The building it’s on is being renovated, but the artwork remains. Love his stuff!


Heading back towards downtown we cut through Olvera Street and Little Tokyo. So many changes within blocks. And despite all the interesting stuff to see, there are still few people walking around downtown Los Angeles. So odd.


The Arts District in LA is saturated with cool stuff to look at. You could easily spend a week downtown, wandering and discovering. After a lazy, lounging morning our time was too limited. I captured only a tiny bit to share with you.

Some of my favorite things are the little things…


On the JANM by Katie Yamasaki


Abuela by El Mac in a mural together with Kofie & Nuke


The One with the Bubbles by Kim West



And my favorite, by How & Nosm. Fell in love with their stuff in Lisbon. We spent a long time at this one, so much detail, so intense…Sadly I couldn’t properly photograph it with the sun beating down just right, but I did get some detail. For much better shots of all these artists’ work, follow the links.


Me, caught in the act of being a tourist.


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