Today’s Daily Post Photo Challenge theme “Beneath Your Feet” immediately brought this to mind. Yes, this is a terrible photo. Nevermind that, the reality it shows was the interesting thing.

While wandering in H&M in Lisbon (why was I wandering in H&M? Who knows?) I happened to look down. Below the plexiglass floor are Roman ruins. I was so boggled I took a couple of snapshots, and as I was doing it other people started looking down and exclaiming.

Best thing in H&M.

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12 thoughts on “Underfoot

  1. Wow, that’s amazing, it’s a shame a H&M sits on top of them, but I guess it’s good they didn’t just build over them. I once worked in a shop that had a plexiglass floor, and underneath it was lined with women’s knickers, not quite the same but kind of 😉

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  2. Glad you could at least see them. I guess that means you were roamin’ on the ruins. 🙂 I imagine there are Roman ruins all over and many times they probably aren’t even seen. I do like H&M, although not nearly as much as Roman ruins.


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  3. no, no, its a brilliant shot! (just revisiting)…. could equally fit this weeks challenge of ‘connected’….. we all wander into H & M from time to time, and wonder why… lol….amazing… roman ruins beneath your feet!

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