Thursday Door Extra Fancy

I’m a big fan of doors and doorknobs. I think it dates back to reading A Secret Garden when I was a kid. I loved the magic of the hidden garden behind the hidden door. From then on, it seemed that any door was a mystery – it could lead anywhere.

And doors have so much character. They face the weather and the changing times, changing themselves through the years. Their paint peels. They warp and twist. Yet they still protect us, keep us safe. They are a veil between us and the other, whether thin or stout. Doors announce. They shout our importance, whisper our poverty, or welcome our friends.

So when I heard of Norm 2.0 and his Thursday Doors gig, I jumped right in.

With this:

Door inside Quinta da Reguleira, Sintra, Portugal

16 thoughts on “Thursday Door Extra Fancy

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