I was walking home the other day. I looked up, and I saw this:


It was a busy time of day in my hometown, and people were rushing here and there, driven, focused, going somewhere.

And this sky just floored me. My jaw dropped and I stopped and stood, simply looking. I looked around, but seemed to be alone in my flabbergasted state.

And I wondered how often glory is missed. How many times have I unwittingly ignored the universe around me, lost in a fog of my own distractions?

This moment was fleeting. I tried to capture it with my iphone (I am a child of my times, after all) but of course, the photo fell far short of the live experience. So I paused in my walk and watched. The light quickly faded, the brilliance waning until I had to check my poor photo to remind myself of what had been.

Sure, just a cloud. Another sunset. But this life! This quick moment of reality is what inspires me to live as fully as I can.

Don’t blink. Don’t wait.


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