Yaquina Head

As part of my exploration of the Oregon coast this week, I stopped just north of Newport, Oregon, to check out the lighthouse, the views and the sea. It’s called Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area, which is a mouthful, but it is quite lovely.


It was an unusually gorgeous day in Oregon. Almost no wind, warm air and no clouds.




Incredible weather. The only grey is beneath my feet.


I loved the clamoring rattle of all those rocks against the pull of the tide.


12 thoughts on “Yaquina Head

  1. Looks like you where there on a gorgeous sunny day. You have some real nice photos. I’ve walked down to the lava rock. Doesn’t it make a great sound? I have also been to the top of the inside of Yaquina and up in the lens. Did you walk it? This is my favorite Oregon lighthouse for so many reasons. You have some beautiful photos.

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    1. Thank you Cee! It really was stellar weather, especially for Oregon. I would have enjoyed getting up inside it, but the timing was bad for a tour, so I had to be satisfied with the outside. I think the lens would have made a great place for photos!


  2. Oh goodness, these are so beautiful. I took a break from working on the website I’m trying to finish up before leaving for Spain, and started going through your photos. These just whirled me away to another place – it was instant relaxation! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

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