Worth the Extra Effort

My Oregon coast trip story continues ~

In our last episode, the sun set and the ocean lulled us to sleep. After a long lazy breakfast and an equally long lazy soak in the hot tub, check-out time arrived. Next stop: Cascade Head – a beautiful bulge of land rising up from the edge of the state and lording it over the ocean. Easy drive, just 10 miles from Lincoln City & the hotel. What was unclear is the utter lack of any sign whatsoever when you reach the area.

entrance to Cascade Head…how could I have missed it?

It’s a UNESCO site for Pete’s sake! A critical habitat, a National Scenic Research Area, a UN Biosphere Reserve. Needless to say I zipped past it, realized I must’ve missed it, turned around and found it, but questioned the entire time whether I was on the right road. Until I got to the trail head.


So, if this many people know it’s here with NO signs, perhaps it’s just as well?

The trail is wide and lovely, an easy walk for families.


And this is the reward at the end of the easy walk. Crazy beautiful view.



Great spot for a picnic, but lunch was planned further down the road in Neskowin.


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