Another Non-door Door

Once again, in response to Norm’s Thursday Doors I am posting something not quite door. I don’t mean to be a rebel, but this doorway evokes the feeling I’ve been experiencing this last week:


Two weeks ago I came down with some kinda virus. It brought my little world to a halt. My life narrowed to this bug-fight, and everything else fell to the wayside: work, friends, art, and, of course, blogging. I didn’t even read blogs.

But now I emerge victorious, squinting in the light of day, stumbling out of my illness-induced cave.

Thursday Doors are the best – check out more here.


18 thoughts on “Another Non-door Door

  1. Another original twist – well done. Glad to hear you’re feeling better also.
    As we get older we come to realize that if we don’t have our health, other things become much less important. Take care of yourself 🙂

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  2. When you said this door was a reflection of your week, I was expecting a variety of things – none of them being that you were sucker-punched by a virus!
    Glad you have come out victorious and are now creeping back into the daylight.

    btw – very interesting picture!

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  3. I certainly relate. Just been off blogging for 2+ months, no motivation for some reason. Lots of other things got in the way. Even stopped reading freshpaula – can you believe it??? I did save them all as reminders. Still putting my jig-saw life together I guess. Love your pics and comments. rd

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