In response to today’s Daily Post Photo Challenge: Ornate ~


It was hard to choose just one photo from the Quinta da Reguleira in Sintra, Portugal. Owner Monteiro worked with architect Luigi Manini to create this fantastic estate. And by “fantastic” I mean truly fanciful and eccentric. In their desire to incorporate esoteric symbolism everywhere most structures, inside and out, are ornate. (see my previous ornate door post here)

I’m thinking this fireplace would have functioned just as well with a simpler mantle, but why stop there? The entire room must have been fascinating flickering in the firelight on a cold winter night.

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4 thoughts on “Ornate

    1. Oh yes…when obsessing on castles and estates while traveling, I can collect a whole lotta ornate 😉 I think it would be claustrophobic to live in, but so interesting to visit!


  1. I used a photograph of the same fireplace, Paula, but yours is much better quality. I also posted one of the ornate red doors that are on each side. It really is an amazing place and I had a difficult time deciding which ornate feature to use for the challenge.

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