Something New, Every Day

I learned something about myself last night. Despite my egoistic ideas about my bravery and fortitude, I’ve discovered that when truly frightened I will scream like a little girl.


When jolted awake from a deep sleep by crashing branches onto the roof over my head, my brain assumed disaster on a grand scale, and my body screamed and panicked. Yes, that’s my bedroom window.

Apparently my adrenal system is quite healthy as well.


So much for keeping a cool head in an emergency. It wasn’t even an emergency. With good design & good luck, the roof held and all is well.



5 thoughts on “Something New, Every Day

  1. Glad to hear you survived the incident unscathed … well, except for the damaged pride 😉

    I’ve always had a suspicion that I would be utterly useless in a crisis … either completely paralyzed with fear, or a bleeting fool falling all over myself, crying hysterically. I have no illusions of hero-grandeur :/

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