Open Doors


As the old year ends and the new one begins, I think of all the new experiences I was blessed (or cursed) to have in 2015…so much beauty, so much fear, joy & sadness. 2015 was fully lived, I think.

And that’s the goal, for me.

This door obviously did not begin life as a door. Part of the Alfama Patio Hostel in Lisbon, Portugal, it’s the only way to get to the rooms upstairs (from registration out to the garden patio, up the outside stairs, and across the roof patio). This old building, part of the first Portuguese University established in 1290, is full of quirks as you might imagine. Highly recommended, but drop any expectations of luxury.

May you and your new year be inspired by this door: wide open, ready to be reinvented yet persevering through all the changes swirling around, useful, quirky and beloved.

Thank you, Norm, for continuing to host our Door party! To see more responses to Norm’s Thursday Doors, click here.

And here’s to fully living in 2016 ~ Cheers!



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