Andalucía #FridayFiveChallenge

For months I have been enjoying the Friday Five Challenge from Rosie Amber via Barb Taub, and this week I thought I’d join in…

The challenge is to take only five minutes to browse an unfamiliar category on any online book supplier and choose a book based solely on the art.

With a trip to Spain coming up in April, I’m obsessing on all things Spanish. So my search this week was on Andalucía.


Most of the books that came up were travel books, and the covers had a certain rigidity to them as a whole. You know the style: straightforward, iconic, clean lines, but not inspiring to me today. Then I saw this lovely flaming horse painting! THAT’S IT!

The description reads:

“Through a series of intimately interwoven vignettes, Andalucia paints an engulfing dreamscape, at once lush and treacherous, both pale and aflame. The speaker in these poems has fallen in love with some sort of colorless and exotic hell. Disturbed by her “bad girl” past, laden with guilt and abuse, she revels in the sea, in the arms of centaurs, inside of tear jars. Like an antique travel diary turned mythic, Andalucia illuminates the simultaneous feelings of elation, delusion, and fear that go along with letting oneself get lost in one’s own land. “Drunk and dolorous, talkative and handsome, Lisa Marie Basile’s chapbook Andalucia is a perfect confection of decadence decorated with hounds and leopards. Sweet and old-fashioned like an exotic candy you can’t quite place, you will want to devour it. “You don’t need a sea to be happy / do you?” No, you just need to read Andalucia by Lisa Marie Basile.” — Kathleen Rooney, author of Oneiromance (an epithalamion)”

Hmm…poetry isn’t really my thing. And I’m a bit leery of anyone who “has fallen in love with some sort of colorless and exotic hell.” 

Let’s see what the reviews say:

hmmm…there’s only one.

“Excellent work. Contemporary classic from a brilliant, talented, and imaginative mind. Anyone with even a tiny interest in contemporary poetry should have a look at this book– take it in, feel the breeze, let the light shine!”

So will I BUY or PASS? I think I’ll pass on this one. The author is not from Spain, and I don’t think it has anything to do with Andalucía. And I’m sure it’s good but, you know, it’s poetry. But I still love the flaming horse.

This was lots of fun to do ~ Check out Rosie Amber’s site for details and to see who else is playing along. You may even find a great book to read. And see what Barb’s up to as well ~ she’s the one who introduced me to this madness.



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