#FridayFiveChallenge #Sugar

First I have to make a confession: I’ve already broken the rules on this challenge.

I took more than five minutes.

I know, I know, the rules clearly state five minutes, but I got sucked in to all those books! The boring background to my subject choice this week: I’m taking a break from sugar and all things sugary. As a result I’ve become somewhat obsessive. Who knew I was so addicted? So when my sugar-deprived brain bumbled about for a subject it came up with “sugar.”


Thousands of books resulted from my “sugar” search. I immediately eliminated anything not fiction. That helped, but there were still thousands, many of which seemed to have nothing to do with sugar. (Bel Canto? Really? Great book, but not what I’d consider a sugar subject) Also, there’s the “Ooh baby, gimme some sugar” variety of sugar books. Eew.

Then I saw this one:


and I knew this was the one. Illustrated by Jillian Youngbird and titled “Liquor, Drugs, and Sugar: The Long Fucking Weekend”, how could it not be?

So, here’s the description:

This “adult children’s book” follows the weekend adventure of Liquor, Drugs, and Sugar, three little monsters just looking for a party.

Yep. That’s the entire description.

Two (2) reviewers gave it 5 stars:

Clever adult humor presented as a children’s book. And in rhyme, no less! The illustrations are also incredible. I think my favorite character is Sugar. He’s the man.

Just happened upon this and loved every page. We have adult coloring books, so why not story books? Cool gothic characters in an adult-fantasy setting.

Wow. What a terse group!


Despite its affordable $2.99 kindle price tag, I pass. See? I can be terse, too.

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7 thoughts on “#FridayFiveChallenge #Sugar

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  2. I’m sitting here thinking ‘should I?” / “maybe not”
    … *thanks* for tweakiing my curiosity (somthing that’s not hard to do at the best of times). I’ve never heard about adult storybooks before and now I want to check it out. Curses! I already have a thick stack of books vying for my attention.

    … as if my current addiction to colouring books isn’t bad enough.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s true, sometimes my desire for books overwhelms me…but if I don’t have a good stack waiting on the nightstand, I get a little nervous….I encourage you to indulge this curiosity ~ there are some fantastic graphic novels out there!


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