WPC: Vibrant

Last year in Portugal I found a particular, somewhat peculiar public bathroom in Lisbon. I happened to need one at the time, so I decided to take a closer look. Outside much hype advertised it to be “the sexiest bathroom” or some such hyperbole. It was really a big, walk-in, usable ad for their products ~ and they even charged to get in. Crazy. Smart.

And, of course, I needed a bathroom at the time, so my curiosity and my bladder led my decision to check it out. I took photos, naturally. And this one popped out for today’s WPC: Vibrant.


As you can see, I awkwardly erased the logo and tagline for the advertiser so you can freely enjoy the colors. This adequate bathroom with a great (not pictured) sink met my needs…but sexy? Please.

Perhaps they were referring to the soft porn art on the walls? Why yes, I did take a picture of that too….however, I’ll wait for the WPC: Soft Porn to post that one. 😉

It was rather fun to pick a color, though….which would YOU chose?


13 thoughts on “WPC: Vibrant

      1. I’ve travelled to enough places in the world that have pay toilets, it doesn’t make me blink anymore.
        I guess if they are providing public facilities that require cleaning and maintenance, it is a reasonable expectation.
        I do however resent paying to use a facility that is dirty and lacks proper supplies.

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  2. When you said this was in Lisbon, I was going “Oh no! We didn’t see that! Darn!” until you said you had to pay to get in. And then when I went to look it up to see when it opened (after we were there so I wasn’t being unobservant), I realised it wouldn’t have made a difference if it was there when we were because there’s no way we would have paid 5 Euros to use the toilet. So thank you for the photos so I could enjoy it variously through you. 🙂

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