LFL Door

This week I have a slightly different take on Norm’s Thursday Doors. I discovered this door on a weekend walk:


Many little-free-libraries have popped up across town. Built in a neighborly spirit of literary sharing, they shelter books from the elements, offering the opportunity to pick up a book for free, and a place to drop off a book you’ve read. Unlike many little-free-libraries, this one had some pleasant surprises inside:


Treats for the canine buddies, toys for the kids & helpful bags for the dog-walkers. And of course, a selection of books.


Although spartan in the head-on view, this library had a sweet stencil on the sides.

Are little-free-libraries a thing where you live?

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21 thoughts on “LFL Door

    1. It’s funny – a friend of mine in town kept having everything stolen from her yard~lawn ornaments, potted plants, whatever~ yet I see these boxes and books everywhere…true, many are quite solidly constructed, but still I marvel that they’re intact and not vandalized…I love that…who knows? Maybe they’d survive in your area too?


  1. Awesome! I am from Christchurch in NZ, We suffered a major earthquake in 2011 and after that community spirit really kicked in and little book share community libraries popped up all over the place on vacant lots.

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  2. I love this free library surprise! What a great idea and implementation of that idea! It’s cool because not only does it pass on a positive energy of being generous but also recycles books back to others. In our building we have an area where we put out anything we no longer need or want and usually within a day someone has reclaimed the “donation.”

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