LFL Door 2.0

Finally, finally I’m emerging from under the fast flowing current of everyday life. It feels not unlike that moment when bodysurfing, having been tumbled and rolled in the pounding wave you rise to your feet to realize you’ve been drowning in a few inches of water.

Guess it doesn’t take much.

Unlike some talented photographers out there, I don’t have much of a library of photos to peruse and choose from. So when I get overloaded, all my blogging comes to a screeching halt. One of these days…..

In the meantime, I saw this little free library on my walk to work this morning. And yes, it really was a gorgeous spring morning.

Very straightforward little library. Just the books, ma’am.
Well, and a few fake plants on each side. It’ll do.

That’s it for this week’s response to Norm’s Thursday door series. To see more, and more fantastic, doors, click here.



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