The Changing Seasons: March

March has been somewhat of a blur. Not just in the way that events small and large have taken up my time and attention, but in the way the rain has slid down the window, pooled everywhere, and pummeled all the sprouting, blooming, greening things. I had hoped to get out and take pictures for this month’s Changing Seasons post. I even put it on my calendar. But the rain. Lots of rain. I think I need a waterproof camera if this photography thing is gonna work for me. Relying on my iphone is insufficient.

Thus my selection is small, and none of them of rain. Which is really what March is here in the Pacific Northwest. Lots of rain. And light. In these northern latitudes the light is returning, and for me, that’s the biggest change. Walking home from work takes about an hour. In winter, this is done entirely in the dark, as my previous Changing Seasons post showed. But in March, especially once the “time” changed, I walk entirely in the light! You can really see the difference here:

Late January vs early March.

With the return of the light, the plentiful rain and the mild temperatures this year, everything began bursting out.

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And if any of you can recommend a good camera suitable for photography in a downpour, please tell me! It’s time …




11 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons: March

  1. I have a waterproof camera, but it still sucks taking photos in the rain. The rain still gets the lens all wet and the photos reflect it 😦

    … Rejoice, it’s spring and all the colours are going to start peeking out again 🙂

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  3. >”Walking home from work takes about an hour. In winter, this is done entirely in the dark”
    Oh, I know that experience! My walk from the train station takes 25 minutes, and as we are approaching the end of our daylight savings this weekend (I’m in Sydney), I’m dreading the return to dark walks. 😦 Enjoy your lighter evenings!

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