The Best Laid Plans….

I’m heading to Spain in a few weeks. I’ve been looking forward to this trip for months, researching places to visit and things to do. I love that kind of thing.

un pais grande, verdad?

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Watercolor Weekend

I got inspired this weekend.


I’m pretty happy with it ~ so much still to learn, but I’m getting better at doing what I want with the paint.

Alhambra inspired. Heading to Spain in a few weeks and I’m ridiculously excited about it.


WPC: One Love


Summertime – I’m walking to work. Gardeners are watering early in the morning preparing for a scorching day, sprinklers jetting, hoses dribbling.

I’m deep in thought – mulling over life, the universe, and yes, love. The thoughts drift and coalesce into a certainty of my interconnection with all of life and a bone-deep feeling of love.

And I see, just ahead of me, the sprinkler patterns have crossed and skipped to form this brief message of universal agreement.

I laugh, cry and take a picture…

And then blog about it, of course.

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The Changing Seasons: February

February has been a real roller coaster of a month for me. A family medical emergency (everyone’s ok now) threw me off and my blog has been sorely neglected. Luckily, earlier in the month a break in the usual February rain inspired me to get out to Silver Creek Falls. Ten waterfalls of various heights are scattered along multiple trails, but I think I only made it to nine. Yes, I pooped out.

I took a lot of photos, but these are my favorite from that hike. The winter sun barely reached into the narrow valley. The mist and water joined with the slanting light in so many beautiful ways…


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WPC: Seasons

This photo came to mind when I looked up this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge: Seasons….I recently made an unexpected visit to my family in Southern California. While walking on the beach on a foggy day I was struck by the quality of the muted sunlight on the water. I tried to capture it on my phone:


Seasonal fog in an otherwise sunny place leeched all the colors from the scene. I loved the moody peacefulness.

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