Watercolor Weekend

I got inspired this weekend.


I’m pretty happy with it ~ so much still to learn, but I’m getting better at doing what I want with the paint.

Alhambra inspired. Heading to Spain in a few weeks and I’m ridiculously excited about it.



#FridayFiveChallenge #Sugar

First I have to make a confession: I’ve already broken the rules on this challenge.

I took more than five minutes.

I know, I know, the rules clearly state five minutes, but I got sucked in to all those books! The boring background to my subject choice this week: I’m taking a break from sugar and all things sugary. As a result I’ve become somewhat obsessive. Who knew I was so addicted? So when my sugar-deprived brain bumbled about for a subject it came up with “sugar.”


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In response to today’s WPC: Alphabet:

Add Fuel & Eime

I took this photo last year while on a street art tour in Lisbon. I fell in love with Add Fuel’s work ~ so detailed, beautiful, meaningful. Like so many great street art pieces, this one on a busy street was very challenging to photograph with my phone. One of these days I’m getting a grown-up camera.

Today I found this lovely video of their process:

(from the distant future)

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In response to today’s Daily Post Photo Challenge: Ornate ~


It was hard to choose just one photo from the Quinta da Reguleira in Sintra, Portugal. Owner Monteiro worked with architect Luigi Manini to create this fantastic estate. And by “fantastic” I mean truly fanciful and eccentric. In their desire to incorporate esoteric symbolism everywhere most structures, inside and out, are ornate. (see my previous ornate door post here)

I’m thinking this fireplace would have functioned just as well with a simpler mantle, but why stop there? The entire room must have been fascinating flickering in the firelight on a cold winter night.

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There is something about very big paintings that fills my heart with excitement…and inspiration. Looking at other artists’ work makes my hands itch to hold a brush full of paint. Although, often in these huge paintings the “brush” is a can.

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